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With many uses from storing matches and anything else small that needs keeping dry for camping, matches, tinder etc, to small gadgets to keep them well protected.

Also popular as Geo-Cache capsules.


Large Silver Keychain Waterproof CapsuleSILVER

£6.00p per pair (£3.00p each) or
£13.50p for six (£2.25p each)
Four Large Half Coloured Waterproof Match CapsulesTWO TONE

£6.00p per pair (£3.00p each) or
£13.50p for six (£2.25p each)
Condition: New

External measurements approx, 3½ inches long x 1 inch diameter.

Internal measurements approx, 2¾ inches long x ¾ inch diameter.

Aluminium construction with rubber O-ring seals.

Each with a keychain fitting for easy carry.

The two tone version colours are supplied at random, currently mostly blue, green, gold and red.

Although please let us know if you have a preference and we will do our best to supply them or order in the most popular colour requests.

Large Silver Keychain Waterproof Capsule
Three Large Half Coloured Waterproof Match Capsules

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