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Blood Red Artificial Soft Plastic EarthwormsEARTHWORMS ~ BLOODY

£3.00p per pack SOLD OUT

Each pack contains 30 red worms.

35mm long x 3mm thick.

Each weighs ~ 0.2 grams.
Green Artificial Soft Plastic Ragworm Lure BaitsRAGWORMS ~ GREEN

£3.00p per pack

Each pack contains 5 green worms.

Overall length ~ 10.5cm.

Each weighs ~ 0.3 grams.
Artificial Fishing Bait Maggots in a Mix of White, Yellow, Green and Red ColoursMAGGOTS ~ MIX OF COLOURS

£3.00p per pack SOLD OUT

Each pack contains 20 x red, 20 x yellow, 20 x green and 20 x white maggots.

A total of 80 maggots.

Each weighs ~ 0.25 grams.
Luminous Soft Imitation Fishing Grubs with Circular TailsGRUBS ~ CIRCLE TAILS

£3.00p per pack

Each pack contains 10 grubs.

With luminous effect.

Overall length ~ 6cm.

Each weighs ~ 2 grams.
Six Soft Imitation Fishing Bait ShrimpsSHRIMP ~ YELLOW

£3.00p per pack

Each pack contains 6 shrimps.

Semi-transparent yellow silicone.

Overall length ~ 4.7cm.

Each weighs ~ 0.5 grams.
Silver and Black Soft Imitation Tiddler Fishing BaitTIDDLERS

£3.00p per pack SOLD OUT

Each pack contains 5 fish.

Semi-transparent silicone with glitter, black top on heads and forked tails.

Overall length ~ 7.5cm.

Each weighs ~ 2 grams.
Or for a sample of each Condition: New

Made from soft silicone for life-like motions.

Fits onto standard circle / 'J' hooks, trebles or crank hooks.

Please note the sample pack consists of one of each (including colour options); that is currently nine pieces, but is only available if nothing is sold out, or we can send extras of the others.

Three Soft Imitation Fishing Baits

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