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Opinel classic French folding knives

Made in France ~ Sent from the UK

For more than a hundred years the meticulous production of extremely high-quality products at very competitive prices has made Opinel a timeless classic.

The only changes to the original being a safety ring, a high-quality varnish and a new stainless steel blade range.


Opinel No.2 Non-Locking Folding KnifeNo.2

3 1/8 inches overall (80mm).

1 3/8 inch blade (35mm).

This is the smallest in the range
without a locking collar.
Opinel No.3 Non-Locking Folding KnifeNo.3

3 7/8 inches overall (98mm).

1 5/8 inch blade (42mm).
Opinel No.4 Non-Locking Folding KnifeNo.4

7 7/8 inches overall (118mm).

2 inch blade (50mm).
Opinel No.5 Non-Locking Folding KnifeNo.5

5 1/2 inches overall (140mm).

2 3/8 inch blade (60mm).

This is the largest in the range
without a locking collar.

Carbon steel, locking Yatagan blade with thumb notch for opening.

Carbon steel; a high carbon content makes it possible to achieve the excellent hardness after heat treatment, guaranteeing the good strength of the cutting edge, resistance to wear and easy sharpening.

Carbon has a low resistance to corrosion caused by moisture, which means that certain precautionary measures are necessary when using and storing the knives: it's recommend that you avoid damp environments and that you dry and grease the blade after use.

Yatagan blade; Yatagan was a Turkish sword many centuries ago.
The Opinel Yatagan blade, with its curved point and round profile is effective, precise and elegant.

Range of Opinel Non-Locking Knives

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