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For rifles and shotguns slings.

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Bisley Stock Fitting Rifle Sling SwivelsSTOCK AND STOCK

£12.00p each

Forend and butt stock fitting
Bisley Barrel Fitting Rifle Sling SwivelsBARREL AND STOCK

£12.00p each

Barrel and butt stock fitting
Condition: New, in packaging

Choice for stock fitting or stock and barrel fitting with then a choice of barrel diameters.
Barrel diameter choice ~ 13.5mm, 14.5mm, 16mm or 20mm.

The first set screws into the forend and butt stock.
The second set screws into the butt stock and fits around the barrel with a choice of barrel diameters.

18mm / ¾ inch long thread with built in washer.
For 25mm / 1" wide slings.
Black finished steel.

A pilot hole will be needed to prevent the wood from splitting.
Barrel fitting can be padded out for a tight fit and to avoid scratching the barrel.

The 13.5mm fits the underlever on some air rifles, such as the Air Arms TX200 MK3,
(QD airgun sling swivels are also available, the MOST WEIHRAUCH BARRELS set).

The 14.5mm fits some airguns, such as Beeman,
(QD airgun sling swivels are also available, the SOME AIRGUN BARRELS set).

The 16mm fits many airguns such as BSA, Weihrauch, etc,
(QD airgun sling swivels are also available, the MOST AIRGUN BARRELS set).

The 20mm version fits Air Arms HC and Pro Sport rifles, etc,
(QD Pro-Sport swivels are also available, the SOME 12g OVER AND UNDER BARRELS set).

Customer review;

Review date: 06/09/2016 Verified purchase: Yes
Star rating: 5 / 5
These were very easy to fit and are very secure. I ordered the 16mm barrel fitting and was a perfect fit for a Hatsan 900x breaker. This size is likely to be suitable for many other break barrels, but can be packed out with shims if needed.

Before drilling a pilot hole I put a piece of electrical tape over where I was going to drill to prevent scratching. I then used a drill bit that was a little narrower than the stock screw and then slowly screwed it in being careful not to cause the stock to crack.
Range of Five Carded Bisley Fixed Sling Swivels for Stock and Barrel Fitting

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