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Gun stock fitting sling swivels.

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Non-Detachable 25mm Sling Swivels with Wood Screw ThreadsWOODS THREADS

£6.00p per pair SOLD OUT

For 1 inch / 25mm wide slings.
Non-Detachable 30mm Sling Swivels with Wood and Machine Screw ThreadsWOOD & MACHINE THREADS
£7.50p per pair
£5.50p per pair

For 1¼ inch / 32mm wide slings.
Condition: New

Non-detachable gun sling swivels with a wood and machine threads.

For most bolt action rifles with the machine screw forend and wood screw rear.

The pair of wood screw swivels have one short 13mm and one long 18mm thread.

The 30mm wood and machine pair has both a 18mm long wood thread screw for and a 18mm long machine thread screw (with nut).

The machine screw threads are approx 4mm diameter, imperial 10/32 threads (10 gauge/32 threads per inch).

Also available ~ white spacer washers.
Non-Detachable 25mm and 30mm Sling Swivels with Wood and Machine Screw Threads

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