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Walnut oil preparation for gun buttstock and fore end.



60ml Glass Bottle of Phillips English Walnut OilPHILLIPS

£7.50p each

60ml English walnut oil.
50ml Glass Bottle of Parker-Hale Walnut OilPARKER-HALE

£8.50p each

50ml walnut oil.
Condition: New

Glass bottle.

A light natural oil to enhance the grain on top quality wood.

Polishing oil which is absorbed by the wood, seals and dries.

Highly refined walnut oil quickly dries to a hard clear finish.

Rub lightly onto a clean stock and forend.

Leave to dry in a warn dry location.

Shake well before use.

More info on Phillips Game Technology English Walnut Oil;

For gun stock barrels and other walnut items.

The finest way to create and maintain the beauty of the finish of a walnut stock is to use the oil which is natural to the wood itself - Walnut Oil.

Walnut oil in its raw state will not dry and remains in a tacky state in the wood upon its surface which is both uncomfortable and dangerous for the shooter.

This preparation, specially prepared by Phillips Game Technology, is based on natural English Walnut Oil, which has been processed and chemically blended with special driers and sealants, to produce a polishing oil which is absorbed by the wood, seals and dries to the best finish a gun can have.

Method of application:

Walnut oil preparation goes a long way and a very little is used at a time.

The preparation is applied to the stock and fore-end and rubbed in, preferably with the palm of the hand, so as to produce some friction.

The stock is then left to dry in a warm place (25 degrees) for one day.

Repeated daily application will produce a very fine finish which only needs an occasional application after shooting particularly after a wet day.

Should a skin build up on the stock, it is easily removed without harm to the wood by gentle rubbing with fine steel wool.

The re-polishing of an old stock is achieved after sanding down and smoothing the wood, followed by sealing the grain with a walnut grain sealer.

After 24 hours the above mentioned polishing procedure is adapted using five or six applications to bring up the new finish.


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60ml Glass Bottle of Phillips English Walnut Oil
50ml Glass Bottle of Parker-Hale Walnut Oil

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