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For a Large Range of Rifle Calibres

The world's fastest gun bore cleaner, cleans gun bores in 10 seconds.


24009.177 Cal Rifle Boresnake.177 Airgun (no brush)

£7.00p each
24010.17 Cal Rifle Boresnake.17 cal. Centerfire and .17HMR

£7.00p each
24011.22 - .223 Cal Rifle Boresnake.22 cal, 223, 5.56mm Centerfire and Rimfire

£7.00p each
24012.243 Cal Rifle Boresnake6mm, .243 cal

£7.00p each
24013.25 - .264 Cal Rifle Boresnake.25, 6.5mm, .264 cal

£7.00p each
24014.270 - .284 Cal Rifle Boresnake.270, 7mm, .284, .280 cal

£7.00p each
24015.303 - .308 Cal Rifle Boresnake7.62mm, .308, 30-30, .30-06, .300, .303 cal

£7.00p each
24016.32 Cal Rifle Boresnake.32, 8mm cal

£7.00p each
24017.338 - .340 Cal Rifle Boresnake.338, .340 cal

£7.00p each
24018.35 - .375 Cal Rifle Boresnake.35, .350, .357, .358, .375 cal

£7.00p each
24019.416 - .460 Cal Rifle Boresnake.416, .44, .45-70, .458, .460 cal

£7.00p each
24020.50 - .54 Cal Rifle Boresnake.50, .54 cal

£7.00p each
24025.204 Cal Rifle Boresnake.204 cal

£7.00p each
£12.00p each (loose) or
£14.00p each (in packaging)

£7.00p each (loose) or
£12.00p each (in packaging)

Condition: New, with packaging option

More info on the .177 snakes;
They do not have a wire brush, so not to damage breach seals.
The brass weight can be too long to pass through the magazine slot on PCP airguns.

Great for in the field cleaning.

For at least the first few uses, it is recommended to use Hoppe’s No.9 Solvent (or similar) to lubricate the Boresnake and aid with cleaning, as it can be a tight fit especially on the first few uses.

It is recommended to fit an auxiliary cord to the head of the Boresnake, that way if there is any problem with the smaller black pull cord, the Boresnake can be pulled back out of the barrel.

Each BoreSnake consists of;

  • Bore brush - embedded in the cord to loosen hard deposits (except the .177 airgun version).
  • First floss area - removes foreign particles prior to the scrubbing action of the brush.
  • Main floss area - with 160 times more surface area than a patch.
  • Brass weight - slips easily through the barrel, simply grasp to pull the cleaning cord through the barrel. The weight has the gauge stamped into it (although on some batches this is missing).
Reduced price offer on a Hoppe's BoreSnake storage case, if bought at the same time as a BoreSnake;

Black Folding Pouch for Hoppe's Boresnake StorageHoppe's Boresnake Storage Case
.22 - .223 Cal Rifle Boresnake in Packaging

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