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For scopes and binoculars etc.


Abbey Scope and Binocular Lens Cleaning ClothSOFT LENS CLOTH

135mm x 80mm buff cloth.

New in card packaging.

£3.00p each or
£6.00p for three
Abbey Red Anti-Fog Lens / Visor Cloth in Grip Seal BagANTI-FOG CLOTH

130mm x 195mm red cloth.

New in lock seal bag.

£5.00p each or
£10.00p for three
Condition: New, in packaging
Abbey Soft Lens Cloth;
Abbey Lens cloth is made from micro-fibers to gently and effectively clean modern high power scopes.

It easily removes dust and other debris to maximise clarity and vision.

Used with Abbey Lens Cleaner your scopes will be well cared for and pristine.
Abbey Anti-Fog Cloth;
For clear vision whatever the conditions.
Invisible film gives clear vision in all conditions.

Apply and forget.
Safe and easy to use.

Always use on a moist surface.
Breathing on a dry surface will activate the special anti-fogging formula.
Always return your it to it's lock seal bag for maximum life.

Provides a quick and easy way to remove condensation from googles, visors and scopes.
A simple wipe over equipment stops condensation forming to fog your vision and ruin your game.

In addition, the grip seal bag keeps your cloth clean, full of anti-fogging solution and ready to use for when you need it most.

Extremely portable and convenient for many situations.
A perfect supplementary product to Abbey's Anti-Fog Spray.

This effective and convenient solution to fogging makes a great addition to your range of gun and personal care equipment.

Buy three individual products from our cleaning cloths or liquid / grease range and get the lowest price one free.

We will refund the lowest cost product on the day of your order being dispatch or before.


This offer can not be combined with another offer, it is only for a mix of three individual products from the sections mentioned above.

Products already reduces in price on a different special offer, or a reduced combo price can not be counted.

As this offer is for those not needing to purchase a lot of one product.
This is only for products such as, oils, grease, cleaning cloths, cleaning and finishing liquids.

Not for cleaning tools such as brushes, care kits etc.
If unsure, please check before ordering to avoid disappointment.

Abbey Scope and Binocular Lens Cleaning Cloth
Abbey Red Anti-Fog Lens / Visor Cloth in Grip Seal Bag

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