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Skull beads on paracord.



Thirteen Black Plastic Pace Counter Barrel Beads on Green ParacordBARREL BEADS

£2.80p each SOLD OUT
Thirteen Silver Coloured Metal Pace Counter Skulls on Green ParacordMETAL SKULL BEADS

£5.00p each
Condition: New

With a FREE green S-biner clip.

Silver metal skull beads on green paracord.

13 beads, divided as 4:9.

Overall length ~ 280mm.

Approx weight ~ 41 grams.

Aid in keeping track on distance walked (usually at night).

One bead is pulled down after every 100 meters, then the way they are arranged can measure for up to 5 kilometres before being reset.

Pace counter guide:

  1. find out what your actual pace count is to 100 meters, do this 3 to 4 times to get an average.
  2. pull both sets of beads up as far as possible, then for every 100 meters you travel, pull down a bottom bead.
  3. when all the beads are pulled down, you’ve reached 900 meters, walk another 100 meters and slide all the bottom beads back to the top, you’ve reached 1000 meters (1 km), so pull down a top bead.
  4. repeat this process until you’ve reached 5000 meters (5 kilometers).
Thirteen Silver Coloured Metal Pace Counter Skulls on Green Paracord

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