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Steadies aim for improved accuracy.

Ideal for spring-powered air rifles, where fitting a bipod will badly effect the accuracy.


Caldwell Hunter's Blind Gun Rest Bag in GreenHUNTER'S BLIND BAG

£26.00p each

Update; now pre-filled and ready to go
Caldwell Bench Rest Varmint Shooting Bag Medium SizeMEDIUM VARMINT

£22.00p each

Condition: New, in box, except the hunter's blind bag

Made of durable, water-resistant 600 Denier polyester.

They can be placed on almost any shooting surface.

The medium varmint is supplied not filled, please see the filling tips below.

How do you fill shooting bags?

Proper filling of your shooting bag is critical for performance and durability.

Most of the Caldwell bags are available both filled and unfilled.

Different model bags will have slightly different filling port designs; however similar techniques can be used.

Filling selection:

Some of the most common choices for material to fill your bag are sand and case cleaning fillings like ground walnut, corn cob or synthetic.

We do not recommend using actual grain or rice as it is likely to attract rodents.

We recommend ground walnut media because it provides good density, is light weight and relatively resistant to moisture.

Sand works well for smaller bags but is not a good choice for large bags as it will be too heavy resulting in unnecessary stress on seams.

Caldwell Gun Rest Bag being Filled with use of a Funnel

How to fill:

Once you have filling selected and ready, locate the filling port on your bag.

Most of the ports will be tucked under a flap or secured with hook and loop in a "closed" position.

Use a funnel to pour the filling into the bag.

If a common funnel is not available, a piece of thick paper can be rolled into a cone shape and used as a funnel.

We suggest packing the media periodically during filling; this can be done with any blunt ended object.

A long screwdriver with an ink pen cap or a empty brass casing taped on will work well.

It is important to get the media packed densely to provide stable support for your gun.

Once the bag is filled and packed, the filling port can be folded and secured in place to prevent leakage.


Caldwell Hunter's Blind Gun Rest in Use

The hunter's Blind Bag is the perfect rest for blinds and stands.
Ideal for supporting long-lens cameras too!

Support and protect your rifle in almost any hunting situation.
Narrow contour of rest matches most sporter stocks.

The Blind Bag is the answer when other types of support are unavailable or inappropriate.
Quick set-up for accurate shooting when the need for a stable rest is at a premium.

Quickly sets on any narrow surface such as; blind walls, deer stands, fence rails, tree limbs, brick walls or the side of your vehicle.

Bag is trim, lightweight, easy-filling and will not sag over time.
Complete with laces to secure for a stable, reliable, no-slip support.

Media-filled, non-marring polyester gives you solid support.
Dark Green colour blends well with natural surroundings.


Caldwell Bench Rest Varmint Shooting Bag Medium Size in Use

These innovative, high-quality and polyester front shooting bags function with most brands of front rests.

The exclusive hook & loop tabs allow quick installation and removal from the cradle without the time-consuming need to lace them on.

The leather gives you a secure rest and the polyester, which will not stretch or sag, allows the bag to hold it's shape.

This combination makes for the best shooting bag on the market.
Perfect for varmint & benchrest rifles.

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