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Benchrest to steady aim for improved accuracy.


£14.00p each
Condition: New
QR30MTM Case-gard Red Plastic Shooting Quick Rest

Quick Rest, made by MTM Case-Gard in the USA.

Quick and simple front rifle rest.

Solid one-piece red plastic shooting rest with built in carry handle.

Wide wobble-free stance with padded feet.

Non-marring shooting pad to protect your firearm.

If you are looking for a lightweight benchrest, you have found it.

MTM Quick Rest is a lightweight, simple designed front rifle rest.

Ideal for checking your rifle at hunting camp or at the range.

The rest is non-adjustable and is hollow in design to make it lightweight.

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We can also supply the following MTM gun rest by prior-request.

Prices include UK mainland delivery.

(FRR) Front Rifle Rest @ £35
(PSR) Predator Shooting Rest @ £58
(KSR-30) K-Zone Shooting Rest @ £47
(SGR) Shoulder Gard Rifle Rest @ £52
(SNCR) Site-In-Clean Rest @ £52
(SNCC) Site-In-Clean Rest & Case @ £80
(GV) Gun Vice @ £51
(RMC-1) Portable Rifle Maintenance Centre @ £49
(RMC-5) Gunsmiths Maintenance Centre @ £45
(TRB) Tactical Range Box @ £65
(RBMC) Shooters Range Box @ £57
(PST) Predator Shooting Table @ £95

Images added soon and please contact us for more details, spec's, etc.

MTM Case-gard Red Plastic Shooting Quick Rest in Use with Rifle
MTM Case-gard Red Plastic Shooting Quick Rest in Use with AR Rifle

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