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A sunshade will improve the performance of whatever quality scope you use.

As the light in your scope is less than the surrounding light, by blocking out this light your eye will adjust to make maximum use of the light in your scope.
Rifle Scope fitting with Sunshade

They fit over the objective end of the scope.


Alpha Model, Rifle Scope Sun ShadeALPHA EXT (40mm)

70 mm long
including threads.

47mm external diameter overall.

45mm diameter outside threads.
43mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 42 grams.

£11.00p each
Beta Model, Rifle Scope Sun ShadeBETA EXT (50mm)

84mm long
including threads.

57mm external diameter overall.

54mm diameter outside threads.
51mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 48 grams.

£14.00p each
Gamma Model, Rifle Scope Sun Shade GAMMA (55mm)

100mm long
including threads.

59mm external diameter overall.

56mm diameter outside threads.
53mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 53 grams.

£14.00p each
Eta Model, Rifle Scope Sun Shade ETA (60mm)

80mm long including threads.
60mm external diameter overall.

57mm diameter outside threads.
54mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 60 grams.

£12.00p each
Theta Model, Telescopic Rifle Scope Sun Shade THETA (50mm)

80mm long including threads.
51mm external diameter overall.

49mm diameter outside threads.
44mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 38 grams.

£12.00p each
Iota Model, Rifle Scope Sun Shade IOTA (ALPHA II) (40mm)

54mm long including threads.
46mm external diameter overall.

43mm diameter outside threads.
41mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 28 grams.

£8.00p each
Prices from £8.00p to £14.00p each Condition: New

To find a compatible sun shade for your scope, it's best to start by
measuring the diameter of your scopes front (objective) end.

The measurements are approximate, normally rounded up to the nearest millimetre.

Please contact us if you want to check a measurement.

Reduces distractions from lamps, wind, dust and rain.

Still allows for the fitting of lens caps.

Matte black finished aluminium.

A new range designed to fit the majority of threaded objective lens telescopic scopes.

Significantly improves your view by reducing lens glare caused by direct light, reflections and heat shimmers.

As there are so many different scopes produced by many factories we can not guarantee they will fit your scope, but can offer a full refund if it wasn't to fit and then returned with the packaging.

Extra info;

All models are currently extendable.
The extendable models are threaded on the front, so can be extended if needed,
or fitted with a killflash or end thread protector.

  • ALPHA ~ fits most threaded 40mm objective lens scopes.
  • BETA STD ~ 0.5mm less diameter than the BETA EXT.
  • BETA EXT ~ fits most threaded 50mm objective lens scopes.
  • GAMMA ~ fits some 4-16x50 FFP scopes.
  • DELTA ~ fits Vector Optics Warrior 6-24x50 AOE scopes (SOLD OUT).
  • EPSILON ~ fits some x56 FFP scopes (SOLD OUT).
  • ETA ~ nothing specific.
  • THETA ~ nothing specific.
  • IOTA ~ similar fit the the ALPHA.
  • KAPPA ~ similar fit to the EPSILON, fits BSA Essential 6-24x50mm (SOLD OUT).
  • ZETA ~ fits most 60mm ZOS scopes (SOLD OUT).

Also available similar diameter sunshades with built-in honeycomb killflash.

Size matches;

The Alpha fits the A model killflash and accepts our 47mm flip-up cover.
The Beta Ext fits the B model killflash.
The Gamma has slightly different threads so only half fits the C model killflash.
The Delta fits the D model killflash.
The Epsilon fits the E model killflash.

All this may change from batch to batch so please feel free to ask first.

Some reports back from our customers;

Very limited success in matching/fitting these sunshades or the killflashes to Hawke scopes.

The Alpha fits;
Kahles 6x42mm.
Nikko Stirling Gameking 4-16x44mm rifle scope.
Nikko Stirling Game King 4-10x44mm scopes.
Nikko Stirling 4.4-14x50.
Also Bushell 3-9x40 scopes.
The Alpha do not fit;
Nikko Stirling 4-10x44mm scopes or Schmidt and Bender 10x42 PMII.
The Beta Standard fits;
Swaroskzi 52mm
Gamo 3-9X50 IR W1PM.
The Beta Extendable fits;
Bushnell Elite.
Hawke Eclipse 4-16x50ao.
Simmons 3-9x50mm.
Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 (the thread is a tiny bit tight but it does fit).
It will also fit the MTC Genesis 5-20x50 if reversed (as Genesis has a male thread on the object lens).
The Beta Ext fits SMK 3-9x50mm scopes but the threads are not quite long enough and so there is a 1.5mm gap left. The end of the sun shade's threads do not seem to match the end caps threads.
The Beta Extendable do not fit;
Bushnell Elite Tactical Mil Spec 25x50mm.
Bushnell 6500 Elite Tactical 4.5x30-50mm.
The Beta Standard and Extendable fit;
??? Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50mm scopes and MTC Viper 4-16x50mm ~ Needs confirming if STD or EXT or both.
The Beta Standard and Extendable do not fit;
??? Nikko Stirling 3-9x50A0 scopes ~ Needs confirming as not known if STD or EXT or both.
Schmidt and Bender Pm II 3-12x50mm.
The Eta fits;
ZOS 60mm ~ Lowen made in China.
Nikko Stirling Game King 4-16x50 (last report says it doesn't fit???).
Nikko Stirling Panamax 4.5-14x50 AO IR.
Can be made to fit Zeiss Terra 3x4-12x50mm but will take a lot of work filing then gluing.
The Eta do not fit;
Reported as not fitting the Bushnell Elite Tactical Mil Spec 25x50mm.
Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60.
Nikko Stirling Game King 6-34x50 AO.
Strike Systems Pro Optics Series Long-Range tactical scope 3.5-10 x 50E, model number 17226.
The Gamma is reported as not fitting;
Bushnell Elite Tactical Mil Spec 25x50mm.
The Delta does not fit;
Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60.
The Theta fits;
Hawke Vantage SF 6-24×44mm ½ Mil Dot.
Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 3-9x40 AO (although a slightly smaller overall diameter).
Nikko Stirling Panamax 4-12x50mm.
Redhead Pursuit 4-12x40mm.
The Theta does not fit;
Nikko Stirling Targetmaster 1” Tube 4-16x44mm (slightly too small).
Nikko Stirling Game King 6-34x50 AO.
The Epsilon fits;
Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 4-12x50mm scopes, although sits slightly proud of the scope diameter.
Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 3-12x50mm.
Schmidt and Bender 5-25x56 PMII and the 3-27x56 pm ii.
Will fit Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Hungarian but the overall body diameters are out by 1mm or so.
The Epsilon does not fits
The screw thread is slightly too big in diameter to fit the Hawke HK 5169 Panorama EV 3-9x50 IR AO Scope.
The Kappa fits (but is currently not available and possible wont be again);
BSA Essential 6-24x50mm.
BSA quarry king 8-32x56mm.
Hawke Sport HD IR 3-9x50 AO scopes, but care is needed to avoid cross threading.
Hawke 4-16x50mm Eclipse scopes.
The Kappa does not fit;
Hawke Sport HD HK 3009 3-9x50mm mil-dot.

Nothing reported as fitting the Hawke Eclipse 3-12x50 AO (tested Alpha and Beta sunshades).

Two Black Metal Telescopic Scope Sunshades

Please note, that it is not possible to reply to questions that are submitted through the survey.

Please note, that it is not possible to reply to questions that are submitted through the survey.


Delta Model, Rifle Scope Sun Shade DELTA (64mm)

80mm long including threads.
64mm external diameter overall.

61mm diameter outside threads.
58mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 42 grams.

14.00p each
Epsilon Model, Rifle Scope Sun Shade EPSILON (62mm)

80mm long including threads.
60 / 62mm external diameter overall.

58mm diameter outside threads.
56mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 47 grams.

14.00p each
Kappa Model, Rifle Scope Sun Shade KAPPA (EPSILON II) (62mm)

68mm long including threads.
62mm external diameter overall.

59mm diameter outside threads.
56mm diameter inside threads.
Weight ~ 62 grams.

14.00p each

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