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Suitable for rifles, airguns and airsoft guns.

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£30.00p each
Condition: New, in box
ANT 2-6x28mm Compact Rifle Scope

Ideally suited to short rail bases.
Black matt finish.

2-6 x magnification with 28mm objective lens.
30/30 duplex crosshairs.
7.15 inches / 182mm long.

Thread eyebell housing with locking ring for crosshair focusing.
1 inch / 25mm diameter matte one piece black body tube.
Waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.

Magenta multi-coating on both the objective and ocular lenses allows
for increased light transmission for bright clear images.

Windage and elevation turrets ~ 1 click equals ¼ inch adjustment at 100 yards.
Cleaning cloth and elasticated see through lens caps included with each scope.

The default option is for the scope without mounts, if you need dovetail mounts your rails will look
similar to these, if you need weaver / picatinny mounts your rails will look similar to these.
Duplex Crosshair Scope Reticle

The 30/30 reticle can be used to measure distance.
The fine centre crosshairs represents 30 inches at 100 yards with the 4 times magnification.

So if the target fills half that area it is at 200 yards away and if it fills twice the area that's 50 yards.
The thick reticle posts allow the cross hairs to show much clearer against dark targets.

To focus the reticle, simply loosen the locking ring and turn the
eyebell anti-clockwise until the reticle is completely out of focus.

Then slowly turn it clockwise until the reticle is sharply in focus, using an all white target.
Then finally tighten the locking ring.

The ocular lens takes a 33mm and the objective accepts a 36mm diameter flip-up lens cover.
ANT 2-6x28mm Compact Rifle Scope

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