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Condition: New
DNCCBDavid Nickerson RealTree Xtra Green Camo Gun Slip

Top flap opening with adjustable metal buckle.

Tough canvas with foam lining.

Colour ~ RealTree Xtra Green camouflage.

Black leather strap and muzzle protector with hanger loop.

Adjustable length black nylon shoulder carry strap.

Internal length can adjust from ~ 49 to 51 inches / 1245mm to 1295mm.

Internal width ~ 8 inches / 200mm.

Weighs 420 grams.

RealTree Logo

↢↢↢Hunt All Season↣↣↣

Do you want a camo pattern that works everywhere?

Introducing "NEW" Realtree Xtra® Green.

Realtree Xtra works in more hunting situations than any other camo pattern, with depth and lifelike images.

Realtree Xtra Green with its detail and contrast works great for early season hunting... where green is needed, when closeness counts.

RealTree Xtra Green When Closeness Counts Logo

Like Realtree Xtra, Xtra Green uses the same lifelike elements to create visual confusion for game, but it's the variety of colours in the leaves that sets Xtra Green apart.

With its specific color palette, Xtra Green perfectly matches the lush greens of the woods, making it ideal for anyone hunting in spring and early autumn.

Proprietary printing technology creates 3 distinct layers of pattern.

The pattern combines leaves, colors, open areas, and extreme contrast in a multidirectional design that blends with nearly any green habitat.

Realtree Xtra Green camo provides ultimate versatility.

Link to RealTree website for more information on RealTree Xtra Camouflage ~

Also available ~ Napier VP90 Corrosion Inhibitor Sachets and Uncle Mike's Long Gun Bags.

David Nickerson RealTree Xtra Green Camo Gun Slip
David Nickerson RealTree Xtra Green Camo Gun Slip On Leave Background
RealTree Xtra Green Camo in Use

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