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Kodiak Firearm Slings.

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£32.00p each

£26.00p each
Condition: New, with packaging
Model: 12190Limbsaver All Black Kodiak Air Rifle Sling

Black Kodiak Air™ with Titan swivels and adjustable hand grip.

Total extended length ~ 40" swivel to swivel

All Weather Durable ~ mother nature doesn't stand a chance

For Use Anywhere ~ from the backyard to the wilderness

Made From Navcom ~ noise and vibration control material

No-Slip Surface ~ stays in place, even in the rain

Easy Installation ~ no technical know-how required

Kodiak-Air Rifle Sling;

The Kodiak-Air is the latest evolution of the LimbSaver sling. The culmination of years of technological research and development, this sling is the most comfortable firearm sling on the market. Comfortable open-mesh design.

Comfort: The revolutionary NAVCOM® Air-Web Pattern will keep you comfortable and cool as it evenly distributes the weight of your firearm on your shoulder. It features an extra bendable Flex-Tech design which molds and bends to the contours of your body.

Control: The ergonomic, adjustable hand grip provides custom position, comfort, and control. It locks securely into place.

All-Weather: The durable NAVCOM® material is suited for use in all weather conditions – from summer heat (with breathable AirWeb Pattern), to rain, to freezing temperatures.

Titan-Quicklock: The new Titan QuickLock is a quick-release game changer. The Titan locks securely onto your gun with the simple press of the pin. To remove, firmly push pin out. The Titan is made out of high-strength composite that is stronger and the stainless steel locking rod will not rust!

Close up of Kodiak Air Rifle Slings
Hunters in Camouflage with Kodiak Slings

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