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The Aussie inspired hat collection styled for Independent People.

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£20.00p each

£18.00p each
Condition: New
Eureka Stockade Brown Poly-Suede Aussie Soaka Bush Hat

Solid, medium crown and medium brim bush hat.

Brown Poly-Suede.

Size ~ Extra Large (61cm / 23.75").

Overall length ~ 365mm.
Overall width ~ 335mm.

Weighs approx 120 grams.


Comfortable 100% polyester hat with soft suedette finish.
With a three strand braided band and rope chinstrap, to keep the hat
secure or allow for taking off and wearing around the neck.

The Soaka hat offers excellent protection from the sun with the practical feature that they
can be crushed and even immersed completely in water and still retain its shape.

Micro Suede ~ This poly-suede has been made with light strong super fine micro
fibres that trap the water molecules creating a cooling effect.

It is rated SPF 50+ for during the summer and is shower proof in the winter.

Eureka Stockade Australia

In 1854 in Victoria Australia, gold miners began a revolt that became known as
the Eureka Stockade Rebellion. They opposed the high mining costs enforced
on them by the government through taxation and over priced mining items.

This event is still today one of the most significant acts of Australian
resistance to official repression and is believed to be instrumental
to the birth of democracy in Australia.

Eureka Stockade is a brand that captures the Australian spirit of freedom and independence.

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Eureka Stockade Brown Poly-Suede Aussie Soaka Bush Hat

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