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£12.00p each
Condition: New, in packaging
2001Smith's Black Hand Held Knife and Scissors Sharpener

Reversible and replaceable Tungsten carbide blades.

Floating ceramic rods in handle for scissor sharpening.

Soft grip handle and protective hand guard.

New on blister card with full sharpening instructions on back.

6 inches long overall.

Knife Sharpener...

The Smith’s Knife & Scissors Sharpener features a specially designed “V” shaped sharpening slot with two crossed tungsten carbide blades, which are pre-set so that you get the correct sharpening angle every time.

It is safe and easy to use, and only takes three or four strokes to put a quick sharp edge on any household knife.
The carbide blades are reversible and replaceable.

Scissors Sharpener...

The Smith’s Knife and Scissors Sharper also has a built-in scissors sharpener in the handle.

It features a specially designed and patented “FLOATING” round ceramic rod, which conforms to the exact angle of your scissors every time.

Just three or four easy strokes will put the edge back on your scissors.

The scissors sharpener works on both left and right-handed scissors.

Smith's Black Hand Held Knife and Scissors Sharpener in Use
A word from Smith's...

From our humble beginnings as a small Arkansas stone company to our current position as the market leader in the knife and scissor sharpening category, Smith's has become the fastest growing, full line supplier of great sharpening products.

Our simple goal is to provide consumers with the best edge for whatever task they are performing, while also providing outrageously good customer service.

We have the broadest line of knife and scissors sharpeners available, ranging from simple, fixed angle pull through sharpeners for consumers that want quick and easy sharpening, to sophisticated Precision Kits designed for the knife sharpening enthusiast.

Our offering includes both manual and electrical sharpeners that incorporate many different abrasive materials including diamond, carbide, ceramic, bonded synthetic abrasives and, of course, natural Arkansas stones.

We are constantly striving to identify improved methods for providing consumers with the best edge as shown by our recent launch of an electric sharpener incorporating interlocking diamond coated wheels that insures a factory-sharp edge to your knife with only a few quick passes of the knife.

We also offer designs that are appropriate for the field or for your gourmet kitchen.

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