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150ml Spray Can of General Gun Oil by PhillipsGENERAL

£9.00p each

150ml general gun oil.

NATO approved.
150ml Spray Can of Water Repellent Gun Oil by PhillipsWATER REPELLENT

£9.00p each

150ml water repellent gun oil.

Protection for external gun parts in wet conditions.
100ml Spray Can of Molybdenum Gun Lubricant by PhillipsMOLYBDENUM

£9.00p each

100ml molybdenum gun lubricant.

Use on metal bearing surfaces, hinges & actions.
Condition: New

Spray canister of gun oil.

Shake well before use.

Ozone friendly aerosol.

Especially prepared by Phillips Game Technology for David Nickerson.

More info on Phillips General Gun Oil;

A specially formulated oil which will stand all the extremes demanded by the NATO specification which is designed to ensure perfect trouble free operation of weapons in every conceivable climatic condition.

Cleans, protects and lubricates barrels, actions and all metal parts.

More info on Phillips Water Repellent Gun Oil;

A Specially formulated compound for the protection of guns of all kinds.
Can be used to coat guns before a wet days shooting and for safeguarding guns in storage.

Guns should be sprayed from a distance of 12 to 18 inches (30-40cm) before use or storage.
Wipe Excess oil off stocks and forends.

Water can be lifted out of ribs and away from the metal surfaces by spraying directly on to a wet gun.
The water and oil should then be removed with an absorbent cloth.

A further coat of Phillips Water Repellent Gun Oil should then be applied.

More info on Phillips Molybdenum Gun Lubricant;

Shake for one minute and apply using tube to bearing surfaces.

The product leaves a film of grease on the metal surface which lasts longer than ordinary oils and greases.

Shotguns and rifles: use on metal bearing surfaces of actions including springs.

Air guns: use on hinges and actions.


Flammable: Do not spray on to fires or incandescent elements.

Pressurised container: Do not burn or puncture, or expose to temperatures over 50℃ even when empty.

Keep all chemicals out of reach of children.

Set of Three Sprays of Gun Oils by Phillips

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