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With Silicone for a non-fingerprinting, non gumming finish and it does not evaporate like mineral oils.

Cleans, polishes and safeguards all sporting equipment.

Do not use silicone oil on metal to metal contact (internals, metal pivots and bearings etc).


Abbey Universal Sportsman Silicone Cloth with Blue Plastic PackagingABBEY

£4.75p for one or
£9.00p for two

Sportsmans cloth.
Parker Hale Universal Sportsman's Silicone Cleaning Cloth in PackagingPARKER HALE

£4.75p for one or
£9.00p for two or
£12.50p for three

Sportsman's cloth.
Condition: New, in packaging

Repels moisture and dirt.
Non fingerprinting.

Highly protective dry finish.
High sheen for the well cared for look.

Prevents rusting and corrosion.
Comes in a lock seal bag, to store the cloth in for a long life.

Wipe over all fine outdoor equipment, including sporting guns, scopes, rods, reels, golf clubs, bikes, boats and auto accessories to repel moisture and dirt.

Safe to use on all metal, wood, glass, leather, and painted and laminate finishes.


Buy three individual products from our cleaning cloths or liquid / grease range and get the lowest price one free.

We will refund the lowest cost product on the day of your order being dispatch or before.


This offer can not be combined with another offer, it is only for a mix of three individual products from the sections mentioned above.

Products already reduces in price on a different special offer, or a reduced combo price can not be counted.

As this offer is for those not needing to purchase a lot of one product.
This is only for products such as, oils, grease, cleaning cloths, cleaning and finishing liquids.

Not for cleaning tools such as brushes, care kits etc.
If unsure, please check before ordering to avoid disappointment.

Parker Hale Universal Sportsman's Silicone Cleaning Cloth in Packaging

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