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Head cover face screens.


£40.80p each
Condition: New, old stock
Green Canvas Russian Face Screen Hood Head Cover

Thick green canvas.

Thick glass lenses.
80mm x 120mm window.

With adjustable size head harness.
Total weight ~ 1040 grams.

Made in Russian (USSR) in 1971.
Not used NOS - New Old Stock.
There was no other information available.

The glass is easily removable, so can be replaced by perspex if required.

This is a one off, at this point we have not seen any others available so will not be able to re-stock it.

There is no tube, but it would fit through the hole in the back and connect to the top of the head harness.

100% original Russian Army surplus.
Although we purchased these as new old stock we would not recommended them for anything other than display purposes as we do not have a complete history on them.

Many Thanks to Gavin Boyes for the following Information;

"Russian Face Hoods - They are Soviet era Atomic fallout hoods, as used by the Soviet version of the Communist Civil Defence militia (consider Capt Manwaring, combined with Warden Hodges, and your awfully close to this reality).

They have the read respirator hose tube hold for their masks were hose fed from belt mounted filters.

However, the only actual ""proven deployment"" is Chernobyl, were some extremely brave Soviet firemen VOLUNTEERED their future long term health to clear up some of the huge mess on one of the roofs of the structure.

(Believe me, when you've met the frontline scientists who were conscripted into this one.
They've nothing but complete admiration respect for those specific volunteers, whose ""character gonads"" were second to none, at the time!)."

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Green Canvas Russian Face Screen Hood Head Cover
Green Canvas Russian Face Screen Hood Head Cover
Green Canvas Russian Face Screen Hood Head Cover
Green Canvas Russian Face Screen Hood Head Cover

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