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Marksman ~ Premium end rifle scopes.

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£165.00p each
Condition: New, boxed
SCOL-09Vector Optics 10x44SFP Marksman Rifle Scope

Vector Optics premium line Marksman rifle scope.

Magnification ~ 10x.

Objective diameter ~ 44mm.
Ocular diameter ~ 35mm.

Overall length ~ 325mm.
Mono tube diameter ~ 30mm.

Scope weighs ~ 630 grams.

Fully multi coated reaching 85% light transmission for a sharp clear image.

4 inch long eye relief with wide field of view and edge-to-edge image.

Etched glass MPN-1 MIL reticle, side focus min from 10 yards.

1/10 MIL low profile adjustment with turret lock and re-zero feature total 18 MIL range.

Complete with 1cm and 0.1 MRAD spare turrets in golden and grey colours, Picatinny scope rings, rubber bikini style lens covers, a honeycomb sunshade and lens cleaning cloth.

R3 Crosshair Scope Reticle R3 Crosshair Scope Reticle
With a Etched Glass MPN-1 Reticle.

Audible click adjust windage and elevation dial.

Direct finger windage and elevation adjustments with turret locking feature.

Diopter adjustment at ocular lens (diopter compensation +2 to -2).

Exit pupil ~ 4.4mm.

Field of view ~ 2.2°.

Eye relief ~ 105-100mm.

Optics coating ~ fully-multi coated.

Reticle ~ etched glass MPN-1 half mil-dot reticle.

Click value ~ 1/10 MIL.

Adjustment Range ~ 18 MIL.

Side Focus ~ 10 yards to infinite.

High quality aluminium alloy in durable black matte finish.

Distance between objective lens part and middle turret ~ 49mm.
Length of middle turret part ~ 39mm.

Distance between middle turret part to power ring ~ 65mm.
Side focus ~ marked 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 yards to infinite.

Shock proof (1000g), water proof and fog proof (nitrogen purged).

Also available ~ Marksman Side Wheels.

Two Vector Optics 10x44SFP Marksman Rifle Scopes
Close View of The Turrets on The Vector Optics 10x44SFP Marksman Rifle Scope
Close View of The Turrets on The Vector Optics 10x44SFP Marksman Rifle Scope
Extras Included With Vector Optics 10x44SFP Marksman Rifle Scope
Vector Optics 10x44SFP Marksman Rifle Scope Advert

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