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This type of cone diffuser produces a more uniform light, for when you need to light an area, such as a tent, small room, work area etc, but due to their size and shape absorb (waste) more of the light.

If you need a light for reading, inspection work etc, then a filter diffuser works better, as they still produce a hotspot and absorb / waste less of the light.


Small White Torch Signal Cone DiffuserSMALL

£3.00p each

19mm external diameter,
15mm internal diameter,
76mm long overall.

Fits 15mm diameter bezels.
Large White Torch Signal Cone DiffuserLARGE

£5.50p each

27mm external diameter,
23mm internal diameter,
100mm long overall.

Fits 23mm diameter bezels.
Or £6.00p for one of each Condition: New

Quick and easy to install.
Securely fits over the lamps head.

For allowing your torch to be used in a candle mode or for signalling.

Produces a soft white light.
Heat resistant up to 140°C.

19mm, 25mm and 27mm Diameter Torch Signaling Cone White Diffuser

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