Quake Sand Camouflage Contoured Claw Rifle / Shotgun Sling with QD Swivels 70cm Long Black Canvas Tac-Rifle Case with External Mag Pouches, Carry Handles and Shoulder Sling Carry Strap Flipped Open View of AnTac Black Flip-Up Rifle Scope Lens Cover Large Pistol Barrel Cleaning Flexi Pull Kit Rod in Pouch Autumn / Winter 3D Leaf Camouflage Ghillie Poncho Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod ~ QD Bench Rest Model with Tilt Pair of Full Size Wood 1911 Pistol Grips with Ornate Decorative Finish Adjustable Mount Green Laser Designator Sight White Fabric Roll of 4x2 Shotgun Barrel Cleaning Patches with Red Cutting Lines at Every 2 Inches Three Piece Brass .22 - .60 Caliber Rifle Barrel Cleaning Rod with Black Plastic Handle and Swab Kit in Clear Plastic Case Solarforce FH-5 Black Nylon Torch Holster G&G Armament Black Vertical Grip with Side Rail Green Two Point Multi Rifle Sling with Metal Clip On and Swivel Pull Ring Fittings Back and Front View of Button Compass with Buckle Strap Fitting