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Ultrasonic training whistle.

Please note;

All "silent" training whistles are very high frequency, but the most are not completely silent to the human ear.

At the very least, when you blow on the whistle, you can hear the sound made by the air being forced through the metal tubing.


Silver Coloured Silent Dog WhistleSILVER

£1.90p each or
£3.00p for two or
£4.00p for three

Construction ~ Nickel plated brass.

Length (including ring) ~ 65mm to 75mm.

Weighs approx ~ 12 grams.
Black and Silver Coloured Silent Dog WhistleBLACK /SILVER

£1.90p each or
£3.00p for two or
£4.00p for three

Construction ~ Nickel plated brass and plastic grip.

Length (including ring) ~ 90mm.

Weighs approx ~ 15 grams.
Or £3.00p for one of each Condition: New

The all silver model has adjustable pitch for control of the frequency produced.

The black plastic grip model has fixed pitch.

They are not silent to the average human ear, but high frequency.

Keyring loop included.

"Silent" dog whistle with adjustable frequency (all silver model) to suit your dogs hearing.

Simply tighten or loosen the screw to work out your dogs frequency.

Even dogs can't hear all the frequencies.

Set-up guide for the all silver model;

Set to the highest frequency, then wait until your dog is asleep.

Keep adjusting the frequency until your dog acknowledges the whistle.

Then tighten the locking nut at that setting.

Please note;
The end piece can be unscrewed completely, so if using it on a keychain it could fall off and be lost.

Pair of Silver Coloured Silent Dog Whistle

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