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Great for survival, camping, fishing and most other outdoor activities.


30 Metres Urban Camouflage Coloured ParacordURBAN CAMO

£7.80p for thirty metres
30 Metres Dark Stripes Coloured ParacordDARK STRIPES

£7.80p for thirty metres
30 Metres Explode Coloured ParacordEXPLODE

£7.80p for thirty metres

Choice of:
Woodland, Multicamo, Desert Foliage, Urban or Red & white, Blue,
Orange, Red Green & White, Dayglow Yellow & Green,
Sorbet, Dark Stripes, or Explode.

Link to our paracord camo colour guide.

Condition: New

Camo patterned paracord.

Super tough and ultra versatile parachute type cord.
Extra tight weave outer sheath, with 7 two-ply inner yarns.

Rot or mildew resistant.
Maximum tensile load capacity ~ Approx 140 kilos.

Approx length ~ 30 metres / 100ft.
Diameter ~ 3mm - 4mm.

The manufacturer claims it's load capacity is approx 200kg and the weight is approx 170 grams per 30 metres. Meaning it's somewhere between type II and type III paracord.

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Some other colours are also available, please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.

Camouflage Paracord Colour Guide

Also available ~ paracord stitching fids.

4 x 30 Metres of Camouflage Paracord
Bundle of Assorted Camo Coloured Paracord Lengths

Other Colours Available By Request:

Paracord Colour Guide Card

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