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For shotgun barrel maintenance.


Napier 12 Gauge Ultra Shotgun Barrel Cleaning Jag12 GAUGE

£4.80p each

Weighs ~ 14 grams.
Napier 20 Gauge Ultra Shotgun Barrel Cleaning Jag20 GAUGE

£4.80p each

Weighs ~ 21 grams.
Condition: New

Ultra jag has been specially designed for use with Napier Ultra Clean material and provides 3 times the cleaning surface area of standard jags.

Ultra Jag is available in two sizes 12g and 20g.

The tread fits all Napier / Parker Hale English rods.

Overall length ~ 137mm.

Ultra jags are specially designed to work with the amazing self-amalgamating Ultra Clean material.

Simply wrap sufficient Ultra Clean to cover the entire Ultra Jag, use the rough side first to remove fouling, and finish with the soft mop side to polish and oil the barrel.

Used together Ultra Jag and Ultra Clean will effectively cut cleaning time by over 50%, Ultra Clean is literally a brush and a mop on a single roll.

Please Note: Ultra Clean is not included.

Napier Ultra Shotgun Barrel Cleaning Jag
A word on barrel cleaning from Napier...

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