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D-I-Y lock fittings for surplus ammo boxes.


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ABLKHAssembled DIY Locking Stud Kit For Ammunition Boxes

Do-It-Yourself military ammunition box lock fitting kit.

The kit includes ~ a stainless steel stud, a small and large steel washer, a neoprene washer and a nylon thread locking hex nut.

They should fit 50 cal / Fat 50 / 30 Cal / 20mm / 40mm sized ammo boxes.

You may need to slightly enlarge the hole in the latch on some tins to 13mm with a reamer or deburring drill bit, for it to pass over the stud.

You will need to drill through the center hole of your ammo box closing latch, the neoprene washer then helps keep the box waterproof.

Different sized ammo boxes will likely need slightly different fitting.

Installation is straight forward on most ammo tins, and should only take five minutes.

File and sand the edges of the drilled hole to remove burrs, to avoid damaging the neoprene washer.

They work with medium sized padlocks or cable locks, with a little over 1/4" or 7mm diameter shackles (not included).

Please Note: Ammo box and padlock are not included.

You will also need a power drill, 5/16" / 8mm metal drill bit, a file for deburring, and suitable spanner / socket wrench.

Please contact us for bulk rates on larger quantities.

Kit Specifications:

Large steel washer is 28mm diameter with a 16mm diameter hole.

Small steel washer is 19mm with 8mm holes.

Neoprene washer is 18mm with 7mm holes.

The stud overall length is 42.5mm (27.5mm body, 15mm threads).

The stud is 13mm wide overall with a 7mm threads, and a 7mm hole for your lock.

The kit weighs 50 grams.

Fitting instructions:

With the lid and latch closed on the ammo box, mark the center of where you will drill the hole for the stud.

Start with a small pilot hole, then enlarge with a 5/16" / 8mm drill bit.

Deburr the hole with metal file, then sandpaper.

Insert the stud from outside of the box.

Place the neoprene washer over the threads from inside the box, then the small steel washer and finally the locking nut.

The large steel washer is usually not needed, as it would fit over the stud before adding a padlock, to allow for smaller padlocks.

PLEASE NOTE: the dimensions do vary slightly from batch to batch.

We can also get them machined down to smaller a diameter if preferred, at an extra cost,
but it works out best cost wise on batches of 10+

Ammo box example ~ Army Surplus Metal Ammo Boxes.

Parts of The DIY Locking Stud Kit For Ammunition Boxes

DIY Locking Stud Kit Fitting to Ammunition Box

Ammo Box and Lock not included.

.30 and .50 Caliber Ammunition Boxes Fitted With Padlock Locking Stud Kits

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