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Telescopic shooting stick rifle / airgun rests.


£30.00p each

£24.00p each or
£36.00p for two

Condition: New
Black RokStad Lit V Mount Bipod Shooting Sticks
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LIT V bipod shooting sticks by RokStad.

Portable, versatile and stable.

Adjustable from kneeling to sitting position.

Sponge grip, made of EVA foam.

Fix non-removable V mount can freely spin 360°.

Tube material ~ 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

Expansion angle ~ <30°.

Retracted length ~ 65cm / 25".

Extended length ~ 120cm / 47".

Max load ~ 15kg / 53oz.

Colour ~ matt black.

Weighs approx ~ 500g / 17.6oz.

The bipod system is designed for all hunting and shooting situations.

Can be used both on soft and hard grounds.

The V mount rest is a fix non-removable head with 360 degree rotation.

Features non-slip grip rubber ferrules for hard ground, which can be removed to expose carbide tip spike feet to be implanted into soft ground.

Each leg can be extended or retracted by twisting the tube section clockwise to release.

Looking from down the leg, then twist the extended section counter-clockwise, to lock at the required length.

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Black RokStad Lit V Mount Bipod Shooting Sticks With Legs Extended
RokStad Lit V Mount Bipod Shooting Stick Carbide Tip Spike Foot With Rubber Ferrule
Black RokStad Lit V Mount Bipod Shooting Sticks With Legs In Short and Long Positions
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