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Steadies aim for improved accuracy.
Spring loaded fold up design, so to be in line with your rifle when not in use.

Steel fittings and light-weight aluminium construction so to not add too much
weight to your rifle and effect the balance.

Close up of Telescopic Bipod QD Sling Swivel Base Fitting

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£58.80p each
£48.00p each
Condition: New
ANT16-2+Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod ~ Sitting / Kneeling Model with Tilt Function and Locking Lever

Swivel rifle bipod.

Black anodised aluminium frame and legs.

Extending legs lock independently in twelve positions.

Legs extend from 15.75 inches to 28 inches overall.

Rubber feet.

Approx 575 grams.

It offers a QD stud base on the front, so that you can still attach your rifle slings swivel.

There are two versions of the legs on this type of telescopic bipod.

We generally only stock the notched leg type, however this bipod has a section of each type.

Notched legs ~ the legs shoot out when you press the release button, and will lock independently of each other on any of the notches. To retract the legs, simply unlock and push the legs back in.

Smooth legs ~ the legs simply pull out and self lock at the longest length, and will spring-back to the retracted position when the release button is pressed. Each leg can also be independently set to any position in-between by turning the locking dials when at the desired length.

The overall height adjusts between 15 to 25.5 inches (from the ground to the stud clamp).

It has a fitting to attach to the front sling swivel base on your rifle and with the use of a rail adapter mount can be fitted to a gun rail.

This bipod also allow for adjusting the level, with 10 degrees roll left or right (tilt function).

The tension of the tilt function (ANT16-2+) is adjusted with the upgraded tension lever lock.

Please note;
It is not recommended to fit bipods to spring powered air rifles ~ More Information.

There is a standard version available without the tilt feature (ANT16-1), which is nearly 100 grams lighter, and with a lower price, however we don't hold that model in stock.

Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod ~ Sitting / Kneeling Model with Tilt Function and Locking Lever


Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod Range of Lengths

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