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For starting pistols / saluting / dog training.


.22 Crimped 6mm Blanks.22 CRIMPED (6mm)

£15.00p per tub

£10.00p per tub

Weight ~ 0.4 grams each.
Tub of .22 Calibre Long Rifle Blanks.22 LONG RIFLE

£18.60p per tub

£12.00p per tub

Weight ~ 0.5 grams each.
.380 Black Powder Effect Blank.380 BLACK POWDER EFFECT

£25.20p per box

£18.00p per box

Weight ~ 4 grams each.
Red 12g Saluting Blank Cartridges12G SHORT SALUTING

£21.00p for ten or
£39.60p for twenty-five or
£150.00p for one hundred
£132.00p for one hundred

Weight ~ 11 grams each.
Brown 12g Yachting Blank Cartridge12G YACHTING

£21.00p for ten

£18.00p for ten or
£30.00p for twenty

Weight ~ 19 grams each.
Condition: New

Range of black powered blank cartridges.

.22 Crimped (6mm):
Tub of 100 x .22 Crimped 6mm Blanks

6mm flobert blanks.


Length ~ 7.60mm.

Tub of 100 blanks.

Good for using with Gr8fun's 10 shot bottle blank holding airgun target and similar.

.22 Long Rifle:
Tub of .22 Calibre Long Rifle Blanks


Length ~ 15.57mm.

Tub of 100 blanks.

.380 Black Powder Effect Blanks:
Box of Fifty .380 Black Powder Effect Blanks

For revolvers.

.308 / 9x17.

Star crimp.

Gives bang with smoke suitable for starting races.

Box of 50 blanks.

12G Short Saluting Blanks:
Three Red 12g Eley Saluting Blank Cartridges

Bag of 10, 20 or 100 black powder 12 gauge short cartridges.

Red shells with brass plates.

Overall length ~ 28mm.

Also available ~ Bisley Blank Firing Alarm Mines.

12G Yachting Blanks:
Three Red 12g Eley Yachting Blank Cartridges

Bag of 10 black powder 12 gauge cartridges.

Extra loud black powder blanks specially made for the yachting enthusiasts giving both a loud report and smoke.

Can also be used in re-enacting where an insert has been put into a larger firing, breach loading weapon to give a loud report and some smoke.

Brown shells with brass plates.

Overall length ~ 60mm.

Black powder crimped end blanks.

For realistic gun sound when training of your gundog.

Black powder blanks are not designed for use with dummy launchers, you would need nitro powder blanks.

The .22 long blanks are not suitable for the Rohm RG3 blank firing pistols.

Tub of .22 Crimped 6mm and Tub of .22 Calibre Long Rifle Blanks

Three 12 Gauge Eley Saluting Blanks and One .22 Calibre Long Rifle Brass Case Blank

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