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For military styled rifles.


£36.00p each

£24.00p each
Condition: New
Rifle Fixed to Folding Butt Stock Tube Adapter

Please Note: these are for rifles with female thread fittings, although they are not screwed in, they are secured with the ring and set screw, mostly for bolt action rifles with buffer weights and springs.

For airsoft and modern tactical airguns please check if our other folding adapter is suitable.

Folding adapter for AR style buttstock buffer tubes.

Designed for most A2, Carbine, Mil-spec, Commercial-Spec, and pistol buffer tubes.

To allow for the receiver extension / buffer tube to still function.

When fitted it will slightly increase the length of pull.

Hex head bold for adjustable hinge tension.

Replaceable O-Rings.

CNC machined from aluminium alloy.

With hard anodised black finish.

O-rings are currently included (10mm ID x 3mm CS).

Kit weighs 136 grams.

Converts AR-10, AR-15, M4, M16, SR25 series rifles fixed butt stocks to folding.

Do not fire the rifle when in the folded position, this adapter is purely to aid storage of the rifle.

Connection thread code ~ 1-3/16 inch UN16.

Compatible with most 4 and 6 position retractable stocks.

With 10mm socket port on the base for fitting a push button sling swivel.

Complete with bolt carrier extension, buffer retaining pin and spring, set screw, hex keys, and flange tool.

Please Note: these have a small set screw and ring that secures onto the lower receiver, to then tension down onto the receiver, the threaded end is then for the buttstock / frame.

Reportedly will not fit the Tippmann M4, as the buffer tube extension is too small in diameter (16mm) for the rifle bolt (20mm).

They wont correctly fit the Air Arms S510tr, FX Dreamline Tactical and similar, those would need a male and female thread end adapter similar to these >>> Folding Stock Adapters

Rifle Fixed to Folding Butt Stock Tube Adapter
Rifle Fixed to Folding Butt Stock Tube Adapter

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