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Silent QD Swivels.

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£12.00p per pair
Condition: New
Pair of Silent Black Polymer QD Gun Swivels

Pair of polymer no squeak, no rattle gun sling swivels.

Low profile, quiet and non reflective.

For 25mm / 1" sling ends.

The bodies are made from durable black polymer moulded.

With steel locking U bar that fits your guns QD base studs.

Weighs approx 15 grams per pair.

Simply slide out the locking U bar with your fingers to detach the swivel / sling.

It's that quick and easy with no tools required.

*Half Price Addon Offer*

Need > QD studs < at the same time?

Set of Three Black Metal QD Gun Sling Swivel Bases with Wood and Machine Threads Then use discount code ~ StudAddon ~ for 50% OFF

They will likely not fit the factory fitted studs on CZ 457 rifles, as CZ usually have Euro spec QD studs for 6mm wide gate swivels with a 3mm diameter bars, yet most swivels are US spec with 8mm wide gates and 3.6mm diameter bars.

Also available ~ All Steel QD Sling Swivels.

Pair of Silent Black Polymer QD Gun Swivels
Pair of Silent Black Polymer QD Gun Swivels Shown Fitted to Sling

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