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RSB-7.22 Rifle Barrel QD Sling Swivel Base FittingsSOME .22 BARRELS

Min diameter ~ 10.5mm

Manufacturer states:
10.7mm - 11.9mm
(.420" - .470")

£15.00p per set
RSB-1Most Weihrauch Air Rifle Barrel QD Sling Swivel Base FittingsMOST WEIHRAUCH BARRELS

Min diameter ~ 13.0mm

Manufacturer states:
13.7mm - 15.0mm
(.540" - .590")

£15.00p per set
(we also have a some with miscut threads, that can be added to an order free of charge)
RSB-2Air Gun Barrel Quick-Detach Sling Swivel Base SetsSOME AIRGUN BARRELS

Min diameter ~ 14.5mm

Manufacturer states:
14.9mm - 16.3mm
(.585" - .635")

£16.80p per set

£15.00p per set
RSB-9Airgun Barrel QD Sling Swivel Base SetsMOST AIRGUN BARRELS

Min diameter ~ 15.5mm

Manufacturer states:
16.0mm - 17.1mm
(.630" - .675")

£16.80p per set

£15.00p per set
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Condition: New

Quick-detach swivel bases for rifle barrels or magazine tubes.

They accept QD gun sling swivels with pins of a 3.5mm diameter.

The split barrel band should ideally be fitted from 13 to 17 inches forward from the trigger.

Please Note: the stated sized are approximate, and it's usual to fit a slightly larger band and add padding.

Please let use know your findings on the questionnaire below.

To install, firstly degrease the barrel band and the location it will be fitted to.

Then screw-in the slotted-head, hollow grub screw, into the hole at the end of the band,
until one or two threads show on the inside.

It is hollow as your QD sling swivel fits through it.

Place both halves of the band on where they are to be fitted and now screw-in the Allen head screw.

Make sure that if there is a gap between the halves, that it is evenly spaced.

When secure, the band may be able to rotate if force is applied, for a permanent fixing, adhesive can be used.

Please Note:

We can not guarantee which / if any will fit your rifle.

We add information provided from previous customers below, as a guide.

However sometimes this information conflicts with previous customers.

Banner of Rifle Barrel Sling Swivel Base Fitting Bands

We have received reports of issues with the Allen (Hex) screws that secure the barrel clamps.
The heads are being rounded easier than normally expected, possible either due to them or the Allen keys being made from mild steel.

You could swap the Allen screw for a standard one from a scope ring etc, which is then tightened with a 3mm Allen key.
The one included is only 2mm so it is easier to round the head.

UPDATE: We now have a replacement / upgrade fitting available here.

The SOME .22 BARRELS option should fit;
Most Automatic, Bolt action and lever action .22 rifles and carbines.
Crosman Ratcatcher.
Weihrauch HW80K.
The most Weihrauch option should fit;
Action Arms Timber Wolf.
Air Arms MK3 TX200HC.
They fit the Air Arms TX200 series of rifles,
(Although for the TX200 we recommend the Bisley fixed swivels).
Anschutz 330, 333, 335.
Beeman Falcon I, Falcon II, 100, C-1, R7, R8.
Browning Jonathan Browning Mtn. Rifle.
Dynamit Nobel (RWS) RWS 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 50T.01.
Marlin 1894C, 1894CS.
Remington Model 760.
Rossi M92, M65.
Ruger Blued Mini-14, Mini-14/5R Ranch, Mini Thirty.
Savage 24 Series: 22LR/410, 24D 22LR/410.
Sauer 303.
SMK DB5 .22 Under Lever.
Springfield Armory Timberwolf.
Theoben Eliminator.
Webley & Scott Bruin, Hawk, Vulcan.
Weihrauch HW77, (HW90K = Needs Confirming), HW97 / HW97K, HW977, HW99S.
Fitting the underlever on Weihrauch HW77K.

HW97KT .22 - The exact set needed to carry your rifle in the field! For the price of Weihrauch air rifles, they should come equipped with a set installed when you buy. This set will be what you're looking for if you own a Weihrauch.

For HW80 try the 'Most Airgun Barrels' set or Bisley 16mm band fixed swivels.

The 12g SINGLE BARREL set should fit the 22mm HW98 barrel shroud.
The Some Airgun option should fit;
Beeman 200, 250, R1, R5.
Crosman Challenger 6100.
Daisy 840, 845.
Diana 350 Magnum .22 cal.
Dynamit Nobel (RWS) RWS 34, 35, 36, 38, 45.
EI Gamo Cadet, Expo, Expomatic, .22 Cal.
Marlin 70 Papoose.
Sharp ACE (The barrel is 15.9mm).
Smith & Wesson 27.
Universal Firearms Plainfield Enforcer.
Walther Terrus airgun (outer barrel is 15mm).
The Most Airgun option should fit;
Many airguns.
Auto ordnance Thompson Sub-machine gun 1927A-1, 1927A-3.
BSA No Data.
Crosman 1, 66, 766, 2100, 2200.
Daisy 880, 881 917, 922, 977, 1894.
Dynamit nobel (RWS) 85 O/U double rifle.
Marlin 30, 30A, 30AS, 36, 36A, 336, 336A, 336C, 336CS, 336T, 336TS, 1893, 1894, 1894S, 25MB.
Mossberg 472SC, 479PCA, 479PCA, 479RR, 679.
Navy arms 66 yellow boy, Model 73 Winchester.
Remington 76 pump; Rossi lever action L38, L44.
Ruger Impact Max .22 Pellet Air Rifle.
Savage 242 O/U.
Sears model 54.
Sportsmarketing SMK-20.
Theoben Oympus, Fenman.
Theoben Evolution (Actual barrel diameter 15mm) etc.
Tikka M77K.
Western field 740.
Winchester 64, 94 series, big bore 94, 63, 1886, 1892, Model 9410.
Weihrauch HW80, HW95, HW95K.

Also available ~ Full Band Rifle Swivel Bases.

Set of Four Airgun Barrel QD Sling Swivel Base Sets

Please note we can not reply to questions submitted using this form.

It is to collect compatibility data only.

Please note we can not reply to questions submitted using this form.

It is to collect compatibility data only.

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