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Red Laser Beam Gun Sight

Shotgun Cartridge Laser Boresighter.


Red Anodised Aluminium 20 Gauge Shotgun Cartridge Style Laser Bore Sighter20 GAUGE

£10.80p each

Requires 3 x LR44 batteries.

Weighs ~ 28 grams.
Condition: New

Range of cartridge style laser bore sighters for shotguns.

Power ~ <5mW.

Wavelength ~ 635-655nm.

Minimum range for sighting ~ 15 yards.

Maximum range for sighting ~ 100 yards.

Optimum range for sighting ~ 25 yards.

Dot size ~ 1.5 @ 100 yards.

The screw in battery end cap acts as the on-off switch.

Remove the batteries for long term storage.

Powered by button cells batteries, batteries NOT included.

Range of boresighter laser cartridges either made from aluminium with the red anodised finish for easy identification.

Designed to save ammo by giving a rough zero that should get you "on paper".

Please note they will produce a red dot, and not a visible red beam under most conditions.

Designed only for the chamber size marked on the boresighter casing.

Avoid closing the action as the extractor may damage the boresighter.

Button cell batteries are required but no included, different sizes for each model.

Make sure you use the right amount of batteries to make contact.

Please Note: they go in negative end first.

If no power, use a little oil and a clean rag to clean the threads.

LR41 = AG3 / 384 / 392B.
LR44 = AG13 / SR44.
LR936 = AG9 / 394.

Also available ~ Polymer Rifle Snap Caps.

One 12 and One 20 Gauge Red Anodised Aluminium Casing Cartridge Style Shotgun Laser Bore Sighters

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