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Set of Four Metal Globe Sight Element Apertures, 2.6mm, 3.8mm, 4.0mm and 4.4mmGLOBE SIGHT ELEMENT SET

£9.60p per set of four
£21.00p for front sight & element set Condition: New

The front diopter fits Air Arms S200 and MPR rifles and other rifles with dovetail groved muzzles.

Also available Railed muzzle ends and Rear diopter sights.

The front sight can be ordered at £9.60 if bought at the same time as the railed muzzle ends, from the railed muzzle end page.

Now available ~ new ABS muzzle rail adapter design, for a wider range of rifle barrel diameters:

Black ABS Plastic Rifle Muzzle End Rail Base Adapter Techincal Drawing with 11mm Diameter

More information;
Diopter sight description;

Fits standard UK dovetail rails.
Black plastic with metal fittings.

Accept inserts (one included).
The insert is 17mm in diameter and 0.5mm thick, marked as .4.4 (4.4mm aperture).

Total length is 36mm with a 18mm long rail fitting.
22mm diameter.
31mm high overall.

Weighs 15 grams.

Diopter sight aperture set description;

NEWLY ADDED: Optional diopter sight aperture set;

Globe front sight element inserts, one of each 2.6mm, 3.8mm, 4.0mm and 4.4mm apertures.

Made from steel.

Air Arms S200 Front Diopter Target Sight Fitted to Rifle Muzzle

Set of Four Metal Globe Sight Element Apertures, 2.6mm, 3.8mm, 4.0mm and 4.4mm

You will need the railed muzzle end version (not included, but available), to fit the diopter sight:

Air Arms S200 Muzzle End with Dovetail Rail Groove

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