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Fiber optics back up sight sets for pistol / handguns.


FOS_PTL_GLRFront and Rear Red Fiber Optic Gun Sight Set For Glock PistolsGLOCK

£21.60p per set

£15.00p per set

Colour ~ Red and Green fibres.
Model choice
Condition: New

Front and rear fiber optic pistol sight set.

Replaces existing factory sights.

Adjustable for windage.

Black anodised aluminium with steel fittings.

The fiber-optic diameter is 1.5mm.

The rear sight fits the existing dovetail slot.

Low profile design to reduce the risk of snagging.

Please Note: these are designed to fit the original pistols.

We can not guarantee they will fit your make of Co2 / airsoft pistol.

We add compatibility information provided by previous customers.

They are often a straight forward fit, but sometimes they may need adaption, but this would take work and maybe other fittings.


Front and rear fiber optic sight set for some Glock pistols.

The front sight height is approx 5mm overall.

Extra 12mm length of green fiber-optic and spare red fiber-optic included.

Total sight set weight ~ 4 grams.

This set should fit Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 38 and 39
(excluding Modular Optic System models, MOS).

Installation Guide:
1. Always make sure your firearm is unloaded and always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
2. Remove the existing front and rear sights.
3. Install your new fiber optic sights.

Solvents, degreasers and abrasives will damage fiber-optic elements.
Please take care when cleaning your firearm to prevent damage to the sight.

Also available ~ Glock Pistol Tools and Pistol Ironsights.

Front and Rear Red Fiber Optic Gun Sight Set For Glock Pistols with Tool and Spare Red and Yellow Fibers
Close-Up Aiming View of The Front and Rear Red Fiber Optic Gun Sight Set For Glock Pistols

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