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A Natural Omega 3 Source.


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Condition: New
Ring Pull Rectangular Tin of Marypo Wild Caught Liver

Wild caught Icelandic cod liver.

Produced from a fresh wild cod, the cod liver has pure taste of Cod fish, and has a special pinky-beige colour, belonging only to a product made from fresh cod liver.

Both a healthy and delicious food, that is very high in vitamin D and Omega 3 fats (EPA and DHA),
and vitamins A and E, all in natural bio-available forms.

Cooked in it's own oil, and just salt added.

Ideally served with egg and onion.

Please Note:
Due to the high levels of vitamin A, consult with your doctor if planning on being or are pregnant.

From natural Atlantic cod (Gadus Morhua).

As a natural product, it can only be stored for a short time after opening, transferred to a glass container with lid and keep strictly refrigerated for now more than two days.

Due to special packaging in aluminium cans, the product has a good shelf life of 5 years from the time of production.

Natural colour – no added artificial colours.
No added flavours.
No preservatives.
Just liver and salt.
Free from GMO.

Consumers enjoy iCAN 'FOIE GRAS DE MER' as delicious appetizer or in salads.

During the sterilization process, liver gives out it’s own natural oil, which is recommended to consume either as a part of the sauce or just for intake by spoon, both for adults and children.

Ring pull canned.

Net weight per tin - 115 grams / 4.06 oz.

Drained weight per tin - 59 grams / 2.08 oz.

Store in a cool dry place.

Between 0°C to 25°C with average humidity (no more than 75%).

Once open, keep between 0°C to 5°C and consume within 24 hours.

Produced in Iceland by iCAN for the Russian market under the Maguro / Marypo brand.

GMO Free.

Also available ~ Cable Keyrings.

INGREDIENTS: Cod Liver, in own oil, Salt.

Nutritional Information:
Best Before 14.07.2028
Typical values per 100 grams
ENERGY 600 kcal
FAT 64.6 g
of which Saturates 13 g
of which Non-Saturates 16 g
OMEGA 3 9.9 g
OMEGA 6 1 g
VITAMIN A 72.6 mcg
VITAMIN D 10607.5 mcg
Three Ring Pull Rectangular Tins of Marypo Wild Caught Liver
Recipe Ideas for iCAN Wild Caught Liver


Icelandic Cod Liver with:

Shrimp chips with lemon zest and watercress.
Melba toast with pickled cabbage and coriander.
Toast melba with grilled bell pepper and basil.
Toast melba with grilled bell pepper and basil.
Danish rye bread with apricot cream cheese, shallot and coriander.
Basil pesto, grilled bell pepper and rucola salad.
Basil pesto, grilled bell pepper and rucola salad.
Basil pesto, grilled bell pepper and rucola salad.
Pickled cabbage and watercress.
Pickled cabbage, ginger, glaze and watercress.
Fried potato with herb aioli and lemon zest.
Confit tomato, basil pesto and herb salad.

Front and Back View of The Ring Pull Rectangular Tins of Marypo Wild Caught Liver

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