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For attaching rail fitting accessories such as torches or laser.

Placing tape around your gun barrel first is recommended for protecting the finish.


£16.20p each
Condition: New
Remington Weaver / Picatinny Tri-Rail Barrel Mount with Sling Swivel Socket

Fits most 12 gauge shotguns including Mossberg 500, 590 Persuader, Mariner, Maverick 88, Remington 870, 1100, 1300, Benelli Super 90, Nova 12, FN TPS Tactical Police Shotgun, M1 and many others.

Provides three Picatinny / Weaver accessory rails.

High durability aluminium alloy in black matt.

It attaches directly to your shotguns barrel and will also fit some shotguns magazine tubes.

To allow the fitting of accessories like flashlight, laser, grips, back-up ironsights etc.

For 21mm to 28mm diameter barrel (you can use longer screws for wider diameters).

50mm long with four slots (3 on sides due to sling swivel sockets).

Weighs approx 146 grams.

Includes a 10mm push button sling swivel socket on each side (swivels not included).

Please Note:

The overall internal width is limited by either the mount sides or contact with the screws, that would be the maximum inner width.

The overall height is limited by the length of the screws, which you can replace for longer screws if needed.

Swivel not included but available separately:

Remington Weaver / Picatinny Tri-Rail Barrel Mount with Sling Swivel Socket

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