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Specialist gun sight paints.


TG985ASet of Six TruGlo Glo Brite Sight Bright Paint KitBRIGHT KIT

£30.00p per kit
TG985BSet of Six TruGlo Glo Brite Sight Ghost Paint KitGHOST KIT

£34.80p per kit
Condition: New

Bright Sights ~ High Visibility Gun Sight Coatings.

Professional gun sight kits for rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Overall weight in packaging ~ 98 grams.

Choice of kits:

Bright Sight Paint Kit — TG985A
Five high-visibility gun sight coatings (red, white, green, orange and yellow) and one sight cleaner solution.

Ghost Glow Paint Kit — TG985B
Three high-visibility gun sight coatings (green, orange and yellow) and three light-activated luminescent gun sight coatings (yellow, orange and green).


1. Remove all gun oil and dirt from your sights, using Bright Sights gun sight cleaner or alcohol and a clean rag or cotton swab.
Let dry for a few minutes.

2. Shake the container well to mix the coating.

3. If you have a dot sights or want to create new sights, take a flat toothpick and dip it into the coating, getting a small amount on just the end.
Carefully place this drop of coating on to your gun sight.
Repeat to make the dot larger of higher.

4. If you have a bead or blade sight, use a small artist brush.
Close the container, do not let the coating dry out.

5. Allow the coating to dry for 24 hours.
Longer if possible.

CAUTION: Bright Sights will not wash out of clothing.

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Set of Six TruGlo Ghost Sight Paint Kit and Set of Six Bright Sight Paint Kit

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