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Precision machined high quality construction with matt black anodised finish.


SA80 / L85 Medium Length Sight Rail to Weaver Picatinny Adapter £36.00p each
Condition: New

For fitting to the SA80 sight rail (approx 19mm dovetail).

To fit your 20mm wide Weaver / Picatinny mounted sights to
SA80 / L85 / L86 rifles, including the Specter DR scope.

146mm long with 13 slots.

Adds 10.5mm elevation.

One piece fixed rail fitting.

Weight ~ 80 grams.

Fitted with a securing screw.

Please Note: these need to slide on from the end of the rail, and fit less variations of SA80 airsoft rifle dovetail rails than other side clamping adapters, we do have a more universal fitting side clamping adapter available here ~ SA80 Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adapter.

These rails are less universal fitting due to it's slide on design, so far we have been told it fits the Army Armament R85 (L85 / L85A1* / SA80), ICS L85, L86 & L86 LSW and WE L85a2 (tight fit).

With the WE L85A2 GBBR it fits but sits at a slight angle, leaves a gap at rear of rail and leaves front of original rail uncovered.

It doesn't fit the G&G SA80 and the Army Armament L85A2.

*Some reports back say it's too tight a fit for the Army Armament L85A1.

Customer feedback:

ICS L86 LSW ~ "Fit perfectly on my rifle much cheaper option than a susat well worth the buy."

"Army R85A1 ~ Fitted ~ but required sanding down the rail on the gun".

Also available ~ SA80 Rifle Slings.

Customer review;

Review date: 16/01/2020
Customer name / initials: S M
Verified purchase: Yes
Fitted the rail onto my ICS L86 LMG, excellent product!
Will now allow me to fit any scope/site I want as opposed to just relying on fitting a Susat that fits the standard rail but is very expensive!
Really pleased with the purchase.

SA80 / L85 Medium Length Sight Rail to Weaver Picatinny Adapter Fitted to an ICS L86 LMG
SA80 / L85 Medium Length Sight Rail to Weaver Picatinny Adapter

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