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Drawing of a Hands Using Striker and Firesteel on Tree Stump

Fire steels offer amazing fire-starting qualities even under cold, wet and windy conditions.

This makes them an essential survival tool, whether you are on exercise, hunting, fishing or camping.

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Most ferro rods have a coating to prevent oxidation, this needs to be scrapped away before use.
You can use other steel items with a 90 degree angle as a striker (back of a knife blade etc).

Prepping your tinder is very important, take a small amount of cotton wool, wire wool, dry grass, dry leaves, birch bark, resinous firewood etc and place into a small pile.

Holding the rod handle between finger and thumb, place the end of the rod into or next to the tinder.
Place the thin edge of the striker steel at 45 degrees at the top of the rod.
Then pull back the rod, rather than moving the striker, to sprinkle sparks over the tinder, as this way it will prevent moving the tinder.

Once the fire has established, build it up slowly by gradually adding thin pieces of material (small twigs etc), building up to thicker pieces until your fire reaches desired size.