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Links to;
Download Crossbow Legislation Document and to our Our Archery Equipment Page.


Do not cock or load your crossbow until you intend to shoot it.
Do not point at anything you are not intending to shoot.
Do not shoot without a bolt as it could damage the prod.
Only use appropriate bolts of the correct size and power rating for your crossbow.
Regularly inspect the prod, string and bolts for damage, if damaged do not use them, replace them.


  1. Insert the prod into the stock to the white line.
    Make sure the pressure pad is in place between the prod and the prod retaining screw.
    Do not over tighten.

    Pistol Crossbow Prod Fitting Guide
  2. Push the prod covers on tight on the either side of the prod.
    Place the string loop over the left end of the prod.
    Hold the right end of the prod in your right hand and the string with your left hand.
    You will need a friends help to bend the right end of the prod and then slip the string loop over it.
    Make sure the string fits snugly into the slots on the prod.

    Pistol Crossbow String Fitting Guide

    While holding the crossbow with the left hand, pull the cocking mechanism down to cock the crossbow.
    The safety latch will automatically engage.
    Then return the cocking mechanism to the original position.
    The crossbow is now ready to accept the bolt.

    Pistol Crossbow Cocking Guide

    Place a bolt on the track as shown below.
    Make sure that the bolt is fully back against the trigger mechanism.

    Pistol Crossbow Loading Guide
  5. Release the safety mechanism.
    The crossbow is now ready to shoot.

    Pistol Crossbow Safety Catch Guide

    Adjust the sight mechanism right or left by turning the adjustment screw clockwise (Left) or counter-clockwise (Right).

    Pistol Crossbow Sight Adjustment Guide