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Opinel Classic French Folding Knives

Made in France

The Opinel establishment was founded in 1890 by Joseph Opinel.
Today, after winning various awards, the Opinel brand of knives are manufactured to a very high level, and are enjoyed by lovers of the countryside worldwide.

Opinel No.6 Folding Knife

Knife No.6 = 16.5cm. (Actual Size, on most default browser views)

The "Savoyard's Knack"

Opinel Savoyard's Knack Opening Technique

To open when new it maybe necessary to give a sharp tap to release the blade.

Virobloc Double Safety Locking Rings

For more than a hundred years the meticulous production of extremely high-quality products at very competitive prices has made Opinel a timeless classic.

The only changes to the original being a safety ring, a high-quality varnish and a new stainless steel blade range.

Opinel Virobloc Double Safety Locking Ring Instructions

Found on the No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9, No.10 and No.12 knives and the No.8LC pruner and No.120 folding saw.

Range of Standard Opinel Knives / Tools