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Drawing of a Torch with Power On
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We only state the info supplied by the manufacturer and add anything we are able to test.
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Traditional bulbs with high-light output from heated filaments in either an empty vacuum or one filled with a gas for increased output and longer life.
Ranging from Krypton at the cheaper end to Halogen and then Xenon at the higher end.

Bi-Pin Simple glass capsule with protruding pins, small enough for spare bulbs to be carried in the torch. Used in mini Mag-Lights.
PR Based The commonest bulbs, with glass domes fixed to a metal base.
Bulb Assembly The most secure of fittings as found in many top end flashlights like Surefire etc.


Increased battery life by up to 10x that of incandescent bulbs.
Will not blow if dropped like incandescents do.

3 & 5mm LEDs Cheap to produces, often grouped together for higher output.
Luxeon High-powered LEDs.
Cree & Seoul New high-powered LEDs (used on many of our torches).
0.0001 lux Overcast night
0.001 lux Starlight
0.01 lux Quarter moon
0.1 lux Full moon
0.1 lux Deep twilight
10 lux Twilight
100 lux Very dark day
1000 lux Overcast day
10000 lux Full daylight
100000 lux Sunlight
Designed to force forward otherwise wasted light.
Smooth Used for a far reaching beam.
Textured Produces a shorter but higher quality beam.
Bezel Twist One of the most common as it offers good water resistances and little can go wrong. Requires two hands free to twist on/off.
Slide Switch Fairly common alternative for one handed on/off. Used on many economy torches. Hard to waterproof.
Side Click Found on larger Mag-Lites with a waterproof rubber seal.
Tailcap Click Used on most of our torches. On/Off by thumb pressure. Good choice for tactical torches and often allows for the fitting of a pressure pad tail.
Lithium Coin Cells Very small batteries found in many keychain torches and lasers.
Lithium CR123a High output batteries each providing 3 volts.
AAA Most effective in keychain lights and used in batches in headlamps and some pocket torches.
AA The most common and widely available format in all types of torch.
D Used in large and heavy torches for long run times.
Alkaline The most common widely available battery type.
Rechargeable NiMH Reduced running costs in place of Alkaline batteries. However lower output and run times.
Lithium Used for high-drain devices. Light-weight and cope well with low temperatures. AA and CR123a format. 10 year shelf life.
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Reduced running costs. RCR123a and many more.