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Drawing of a Rifle Scope Reticle
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Fine Crosshair Scope ReticleFine Duplex Crosshair Scope ReticleDuplex (30/30) Red Illuminated Duplex Crosshair Scope ReticleRed illuminated Duplex Red and Green Illuminated Mildot Crosshair Scope ReticleRed/green illuminated Mildot
Blue Illuminated Mildot Crosshair Scope ReticleBlue illuminated Mildot Rangefinder Crosshair Scope ReticleRangefinder Red and Green Illuminated Rangefinder Crosshair Scope ReticleRed / green illuminated Rangefinder Red and Green Illuminated Rangefinder Crosshair Scope Reticle with LaserRed / green illuminated Rangefinder with red laser
Red and Green DotRed / green dot Red, Green and Blue DotRed / green / blue dot Red Multi Small Dot, Large Dot, Cross and Circled DotMulti Reticle - red small dot, large dot, cross, circled dot German Style Crosshair Scope ReticleGerman style
Six Point Mildot Crosshair Scope ReticleSix point mildot Bullet Drop ReticleBullet drop Wide View 30/30 Duplex ReticleDuplex (30/30) wide view G36 Carry Handle Scope ReticleG36 handle scope reticle